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There are some great websites which list events and restaurants in Johannesburg and places in the CBD that have been regenerated and are safe to go to.

Eating out

Eating out is cheap and easy.  It really is often cheaper to eat out than in!!  As well as plentiful local restaurants, most malls have a good range of restaurants from your standard fast food places to some really high end restaurants!  South Africa has managed to hold back the onslaught of many of the international chains and so some of the names will be unfamiliar:

  • For coffee try Mugg & Bean or Vida Cafe.  This is the main South African equivalent to those world dominating American names although Starbucks arrived April 2016 which was a big thing for South Africans!!  There are lots of great small independent coffee shops.
  • For Burgers the main names here are Steers, Wimpy, Macdonalds and Burger King being the latest to arrive.
  • Family restaurant Spur does burgers, steak and ribs etc and is very child friendly.
  • The main names in pizza are Col cacchio (more of a sit in place but they do take aways),  Debonairs, Pizza Perfect & many other good small operators.

  • Tasha’s is a chain of restaurants which is a real institution in Johannesburg for ladies that lunch, business breakfasts and general hanging out with good food.  You’ll find one in many of the more high end malls.

For more information on restaurants

Pubs or as close as!

  • The Baron (various places)  – http://www.thebaron.co.za/
  • Parkhurst/ Greenside and Melville also have central streets with bars and restaurants
    FYI – You can buy wine in some supermarkets, but no other alcohol, although some supermarkets do have separate liquor stores attached to them. You can’t buy alcohol after 3pm on a public holiday!
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