TV & Radio

TV & Radio


The main provider or satellite television is DSTV.  Great if you are a sports lover as they have most major events from football, rugby, golf, cricket etc etc.  For series they are not too far behind the UK and US. They have most of the major international news packages.  Bizarrely the country seems hooked on sky news – which you will see in the gym keeping you up to date with the minutiae of UK news!!


Radio is pretty varied.  There are a number of music stations, all of which play a reasonably large proportion of South African music as well as the main international tunes. Highveld 94.7 is one of the main radio stations.

For less mainstream music you will struggle!! There is a Classic FM, and a few talk stations.  Talk 702 and Power FM but now with fibre arriving you can just stream any radio station in the world and TV too so you don’t have to feel as if you are missing out on your favorite radio or TV shows from home.

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