What to Bring

What to Bring

What should I bring with me?

Imported goods here can be expensive.


If your company is shipping your goods its probably a good idea to bring your household appliances and furniture with you!  There is no Ikea here and furniture can be expensive.  There are plenty of furnished and unfurnished houses to rent.  If you need to kit out your home there are some fabulous shops and quirky ones too.  I love Amatuli, www.amatuli.co.za and Block & Chisel, www.blockandchisel.co.za


Cars are expensive depending on the model but the costs of bringing them in can involve a lot of admin is so its important to make the right decision before you come.

Baby equipment

Things like baby milk formula is very different and you may find your brand is not available, or if it is it will be quite expensive.  Over the years that I have been here more and more Baby equipment and car seat brands are coming in so there is a lot more choice. Mamas and Papas arrived in South Africa a couple of years ago and there is a branch in Sandton City.


These are significantly more expensive here and its worth stocking up before you come.  There are local brands such as Regima and Environ that are just as good.

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