Johannesburg has a wide range of nursery schools, private schools and government schools as well as university to further education institutes.  Securing places at schools can be very difficult so it is advisable to try and make your choices as soon as possible or even before you move here.

Most expats moving to Johannesburg and working in the Sandton or downtown Johannesburg areas will more than likely be living in the Northern suburbs . There are so many schools to choose from.  I am only listing the ones I personally know or have been acquainted with since living here and know are the more popular choices for expats and locals.

Depending on your expat contract or whether you have just decided to move to Johannesburg, there are some government schools listed which are much cheaper than the private schools and are just as good.  It is important to know that no school here is free, you have to pay fees for government schools too.

Nursery Schools

Private Nursery Schools

Field & Study Montessori – Parkmore –

Land of Oz – Fourways & Broadacres –

Parkmore Primary – Parkmore – 0117832416

Riviera Primary – Melrose – 011 442 9691

Stepping Stones – Parkmore –

Government Nursery Schools

King Edward Prep (Boys) – Houghton –

Montrose (co-ed) – Parkmore –

Government Schools, Primary 

Brynevan (Only to grade 8 – 12/13 yrs old) – Bryanston – (011) 4631429

King Edward School VII Preparatory (Boys) – (Primary & High School) – Houghton  –

Montrose (Only to grade 8 – 12/13 yrs old) – Parkmore –

Rivonia (Only to grade 8 – 12/13 yrs old) – Rivonia –

Govenment High Schools & Boarding Schools

King Edward VII Boys, Day & Boarding, Houghton –

Parktown Boys – Parktown –

Parktown Girls – Parkview –

Girls Private Schools, Primary & High School

Brescia House (Roman Catholic) – Bryanston –

Kingsmead Melrose –

Roedean, Day & Boarding – Houghton –

St Marys, Day & Boarding School – Waverley –

St Peters (Girls Primary & High School) – Bryanston/Petervale –

St Stithians Girls College –  Bryanston –

St Teresa’s (Roman Catholic) – Craighall –

Boys Private Schools, Primary & High School

Pridwin  (Primary Only to grade 8 – 12/13 yrs old) – Melrose –

St Davids  (Roman Catholic – Day & Boarding) – Inanda –

St Johns Day & Boarding –

St Peters Boys Sunninghill –

St Stithians Boys College, Day & Boarding – Bryanston –

The Ridge (Primary Only to grade 8 – 12/13 yrs old) – Houghton –

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Co-Ed Private Schools, Primary & High School

British International School (High School) – Bryanston –

Crawford Lonehill (Primary & High School) – Lonehill –

Crawford Sandton (Primary & High School) – Sandton –

Dainfern College (Primary & High School) – Dainfern –

The Dutch International School – Aukland Park –

French School – Sandton/Morningside –

Grayston Prep (Primary only to grade 8 – 12/13 yrs old) – Sandton –

Reddam (Primary & High School) Kylami –

Redhill (Primary & High School) – Morningside –

Jewish Primary & High Schools

King David Linksfield – Linksfield –

King David Sandton – Woodmead –

King David Victory Park – Randburg –

Special Needs/Support Schools

As with mainstream schools, there are many options available in Johannesburg to help children with remedial and special needs.

The Talk Shop –

The Talk Shop is an exciting specialised environment for pre-school children with special speech and language development needs.

Bellavista –

Bellavista School is an independent preparatory school for children with learning potential who are experiencing specific or generalised learning difficulties, which prevent them from achieving success in a mainstream school environment.




Crossroads –

Crossroads provides “specialized education” through a multi-disciplinary team approach ultimately with a view to returning learners to mainstream schools.

Japari –

Japari is a small, independent, multi-denominational, multi-cultural school.  At Japari, they strive towards developing well-rounded individuals who display optimum growth and progress on a physical, intellectual, scholastic, emotional and social-interpersonal level.  This has been their aim since Japari first opened in 1966.

Out of Town Schools

A lot of local Johannesburg folk send their children to boarding schools out of town once they reach high school. There is a huge choice but I have to mention Hilton as my husband is an old boy and its big rival Michaelhouse, both boys schools are in the Midlands (not the Midlands you would think of in the UK) with both schools being set on huge beautiful estates.  If you have seen the film Spud (which you should) featuring John Cleese then you will recognise Michaelhouse as it was filmed there.  Not to leave the girls out, St Annes in Hilton!!

Hilton College, Boarding – Hilton, KwaZulu-Natal –

Michaelhouse, Boarding – Balgowan, KwaZulu-Natal –

St Anne’s Diocesan College, Girls Boarding – Hilton, KwaZulu-Natal –

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