Relocating to South Africa

Relocating to South Africa


Expat Women Africa is a resource for those living or moving to South Africa, though initially based around Johannesburg and surrounding areas.  It is for everyone no matter where you are from or how long you may be staying here.

It is written from personal experience and I just want to share the knowledge that I have gained over more than a decade of living in this diverse and at times crazy country.

It can be lonely arriving in a new town so I want to try and make the transition easier.  There are plenty of websites full of scare stories about Johannesburg and South Africa.  This is not one of them. There is a section on security which includes some common sense tips. I’m here to focus on the positives.

Should you require assistance with your relocation to South Africa – back home, sourcing your perfect home or investing, please leave a reply and we will get in contact with you.


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